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Podcast Doble Clic 01 - Gustavo Sierra

Podcast Doble Clic 01- Gustavo Sierra by Dobleclicmusic on Mixcloud

Track List:

1 - Pablo Bolivar - Memories (Original Mix)

2 - Danny Panagiotou  - Your Smile (Original mix) 

3 - Brandub - Sueños Interiores (Original mix)

4 - Canson - Wapa (Original Mix) 

5 - Brandub & Gustavo Sierra - Programs dub (Original mix)

6 – Terry Lee Brown Junior  - Ticker (Original Mix)

7 – Addex - Beat routine (nikosf depth remix)

8 – Andrey Pushkarev - Gingo Biloba (Original Mix)

9 – Seraphine - Another Boring Love Song (Alvaro Hylander Rmx)

10 – Ezequiel Esley – Changes (Original Mix)

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Out Now on Beatport!!!!

Remastered works Vol. III is now available on beatport!

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Tala - Sometimes Swing - Doble Clic Music 05

Out now on Beatport! Incl. Third World Orchestra & Tilman Remixes!

Art work :


Laurent Garnier : “original mix is the one for me”

Ewan Pearson : “Like the original”

Damian Lazarus: “Listening now. Thanks x”

Sean Brosnan : “the third world mix has a lovely live feel”

Ricardo Miranda : “Electronic deepness - my style”

Donnacha Costello : “Digging Sometimes Swing. Nice production and a good mid-set mood changer. Tala Club dub mix takes us on a nice journey too :)”

Harri : “Tilman remix is good for me”

Richie Hawtin : “downloaded for r hawtin”

A Sagittarium : “Original Mix is very nice, thanks”

Marcel Hesse : “i like the original mix the most, thanks!”

Graeme Clark: “The original and Club Dub are wicked. Thanks”

Matthew Krysko: “Will be playing both the Tilman rmx (with it´s warm stabs & delicate percussion, it sounds good) - and the Third World; proper boat talc for the Adriatic this summer.”

Terrence : “Cool ep !! “

Charles Siegling : “tilman remix is my fave”

Jay Daniel : ” Nice Vibes Lovely”

Jonas Kopp : “thanks!”

Miles Sagnia : “Play the original…”

Kieren Lomax : “nice set of remixes”

John Osborn: “I´m feeling the Tala Club dub mix! “

Franco Bianco : “Huge one! I will give airplay at Delta FM 90.3, Buenos Aires and also on my dj sets! Thanks for the music! :)

Out Now on Beatport!!!! Love Kit-DC04


Welcome 2013!

Bye 2012, Welcome 2013! by Dobleclicmusic on Mixcloud

1- Archie Pelago - Brown Oxford

2- Metrica - Darkjazz

3- Anthea - Lonber Atracct

4- Tala - Sometimes Swing (Club Dub Mix unreleased)

5- Iz - Mouth (Pepe Bradock´s unrelease mix) 

6- Floating Points - Love me like this (Non sense dub)

Out now on Beatport! Tala-Caro Cuore

Artwork : Raul Coronel


Thomas Koch (Dj T / Get Physical): Will download. Thank you for good music!

Mario Da Ragnio (Kling Klong) : Twice sounds nice

Geir Aspenes (G-Ha/Sunkissed): All tracks are super!

Daniel Schulze (Trenton) : Nice ones!

John Selway : Soothing

Nima Gorji (Murmur/Welt) : Thanks! Downloading for Nima Gorji.

Colin Dale (Various/Perfecto) : Really great electronic music….should get lots of radio play.

Lucien Nicolet (Luciano/Cadenza) : thanks!

Clemente Lequio (Picx, Fear of Flying) : all nice!

Darren House (Diesel/Xpress 2) : ep is lush

Paul Loraine (Four:Twenty/Fondation): Class, I´m loving this… deep vibes all night long

Danny Howells (Dig Deeper) : Lovely deep groovers .. superb!!

Chris Fortier : nicely done

Tiago Henriques (Question of Time) : Nice mellow vibes, Caro Cuore is my favorite one here. Thanks!

Craig Morrison (Silicone Soul / Darkroom Dubs) : Really cool ep, feeling “Caro” & “Shot” nice track will play, thx

Claudio Coccoluto (Various) : Spirits is great!

Orde Meikle (Slam / Soma) : cool tax - will try put thanx guys

Greg Frenton ( Hi nice EP like Spirits best….

Radio/ Press :

Jugger Webzine (Editor): I loosing my mind. Gorgeous ep. “Shot” track is perfect for after-time.

Titel Magazine (Freelance): This is just beautiful ambient music. I’m doing a piece on Ambient music in 2012 to be published in December and will definitely include this.

HNGR.SE (Editor): Excellent stuff! Spirits got the right spirit, and Shot aims straight for the heart. Lovely!

Radió na Life 106.4fm (Presenter): Warm, dreamy and hypnotic house ‘n techno. Brilliant stuff!

Edinburgh Evening News (Reviewer): Hypnotic grooves that suck you right in, wonderful electronica

Tillate Magazine: Nice feeling and atmosphere in these tracks :)

Faith: shot is the most accessible

DJ Mag (UK) : Nice warm vibes, perfect early doors stuff

Red Zone (Juice FM 107.6) : quite like Caro Cuore

Faze Magazine: all 4 tracks are really nice, have no favorite yet..

Radio Fritz (Berlin) : Solid!

Rtin Radio Teramo (Magma) : Nice work! will support!

House Nation Radio: TOP Release : I love all tracks. I will play them for sure. TOTAL SUPPORT !!!

Ibiza Sonica : Shot is nice.. Like it.

Ibiza Sonica (The Fix) : Deep pro vibes nice

Docepulgadas : Interesting ep!

FM4 / ORF : solid deep vibes

Soundtraffic (FM Brussels) : `Caro Cuore´ is just beautiful

Flowtown (Urgent FM) : Massive match for flowtown radio! will cover

105 Club Nation (Radio 105) : shot!

Global Communication (Antena 3) : Good record to listen at home on a sunday night

Christallization Radio Show (Radio AS FM) : Nice release, I like Caro Cuore and Spirits! Thanks for sending!

Deep Rhythms: Really like Spirits

Special Housin Association (SHA): Title track is a cracker, quite lovely … : lovely melodies in Jan Hammer´s style : Very pleasant to listen to…..

Freelance (Freelance): Bit pedestrian. Twice is cool.

MagazineSixty: prefer Twice - nice production

Bobi (Clubfm mk) : Excellent release!!! Nice melodies and sounds! Thank you very muсh for share excellent music.

Flowinsz van Dijk (SEKOIA) : Nice release, really like Spirits! Will be featured on our social media channels.

Dj Laurent on 6 Radios (French Riviera) : Nice release with 4 good tracks for me. I will play them for sure on my various Radio Shows.

Velanche (Radio Show) : Nice, chill and soulful, good stuff!

Lucas Ferro Dj Set for Doble Clic Music!

Track List:

01 -Lawaetz Classic Viv -This Is For The Women

02-Metrica - Darkjazz


04-BiteOfire, Antonio Del Prete - It’s Alright

05-Jovonn-Jump Off (Original Mix)

06-Kashii - Going Nowhere (Original Mix)

07-Miro Pajic - Pulsating (Noah Pred Flatliner Dub)

08-John Dimas-Quick Dance

09-Audio Werner - Ever (Original Mix)

10 -Jovonn-Slammin’ Doors (Knockin’) (Original Mix

11- Agnes Eddie Leader Iron Curtis-A Night At Jb’s (Eddie Leader & Iron Curtis Mix)

12 -Nyra - Configure 8

Tala - Sha Podcast 186

SHA Podcast 186:: Tala by talasound

(Source: dobleclicmusic)

Soon! Tala - Caro Cuore Ep



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